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Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Is it really smartest to drive a hybrid brand vehicle?


The Dilemma

The traffic light’s been red for a while. Stop, go, stop, go…

You blast the AC pointing it towards your forehead because the commute has now entered its 45th minute, and counting. With patience tapped and antsy to get home for dinner, every day the traffic seems to get longer and longer. You reach for your phone to find the latest Joe Rogan podcast in hopes of distracting yourself until the roads move again.

Click! Click! Click! Whirrr…


Startled by the new unfamiliar sound coming from under the hood for reasons unknown, you race to shut off the AC. Panic sets in as you refocus on the river of headlights in front of you, sweating more than ever.

“I need to start dating a car mechanic. Where can I find a car mechanic I can date to make my life better or easier?” Aware of the help you’re in need of, an additional trickle of sweat joins its clan on your brow.

To make matters worse, you gaze at the thousands of cars amongst you in the same compromised position driving around the inevitable 5:30 pm, three-car pile-up on the hairpin-turn of the freeway knowing another glacial shelf in Greenland dated from the Jurassic era has just turned black and chipped off into the Atlantic like a bad tooth.

Your restraint officially crests. The waves of anxiety and guilt of the things you cannot control wash over you.

Enter the exploitives and then you realize: This isn’t fun. This is purgatory.

"I've got to get a new car."


Don’t Be A Smog Hog

Hybrid Emission levels of various hybrids

There are two general categories of vehicle emissions: direct and life cycle.

In general, hybrid vehicles produce fewer emissions that contribute to climate change and smog than conventional vehicles.The Honda Accord hybrid, has good smog rankings (2019), scoring 9 out of 10. Another popular car, the Honda Civic hybrid, earned a 9 or 7 smog score (2018), depending on the engine configuration. For a list of the best rated hybrids and their car emission standards for 2020 and 2021.


The Gassy Gnoll

Gas car facts vs. electric hybrid car facts

The average cost to operate a hybrid in the United States is $485 per year, while the average for a gasoline-powered vehicle is $1,117.

Most Fuel-Efficient Hybrids

  • 2021 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid - 58 MPG Combined.

  • 2021 Toyota Prius - 56 MPG Combined.

  • 2021 Honda Insight - 52 MPG Combined.

  • 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid - 52 MPG Combined.

  • 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid - 52 MPG Combined.

  • 2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid - 52 MPG Combined.

  • 2020 Kia Niro FE - 50 MPG Combined.


Are hybrid’s low maintenance?

Are repair costs lower?

The answer's no. Repair costs aren't lower on a hybrid as compaired to a regular car.

The gasoline engine on a hybrid requires the same maintenance as that on any car.

Is it worth it?: When gas prices were skyrocketing 10+ years ago, flipping the big middle-bird self-righteously in the direction of Big Oil with the right to spite made sense. Now that oil prices have dropped off, let’s look at the chart below weighing in the options of maintenance vs. gas for your own discernment.

Using to compare hybrid vs. non-hybrid versions of the same brand, the chart below shows the payback period only takes into consideration the initial cost of the vehicle and fuel price.

For the record, the factory dealers are the gatekeepers: specifically trained on understanding the technical systems that are required to attach and read the diagnosis of the brand of your particular hybrid. You can read here to find out 15 Best Hybrid and Electric Cars for the Money in 2020.


In Conclusion / Hybrid Decision

When it’s finally fine to sign the line…………………………………………..X

Your fellow commuters have been glaring at your Lincoln Cadillac lately, and not in a blessed way. If you’re hoping to make a positive impact on your sanity as well as your carbon footprint, be informed of the latest hybrid EV options by joining our EMAIL list for when you’ve finally decided it’s time to commit and we'd love to hear what you think about on these free ebooks: 3 Best New Hybrid Cars eBooks To Read In 2021.


Next time as you sit waiting on the road, fuming in line to pay the Toll Troll who’s only making matters worse, watch a video of a savvy hybrid mechanic you could possibly...

...well maybe you could consider dating here. XO

Please check out my future opinionated blogs today and forevermore!

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