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Targeted Demographics + Buyers Persona = Successful Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

What is the definition of demographics?


Demographics. Demographics. Demographics...

The most important aspect when presenting your product to the right audience is key. What does your audience look like? Targeted demographics.

What do they do for fun? Do they belong to a particular subculture: country, punk, surfer? Are they a parent, raver, or goth? The more specific you can hone in on your demographic, the better and more committed your long-term customer can impact your brand as well as your product's long-term profits.

You wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars for billboard space hoping to persuade some young and attractive club-goers into considering orthopedic shoes for a hot night on the prowl. Club goers aren’t necessarily seeking pain relief on a happening Friday night. They’re probably seeking a different kind of pill of some sort.

If the billboard was near a construction site where blue-collar employees lifted, pushed, and sweated heavy things all day, then perhaps comfort in the workplace could gain some new leads after all.

At the most basic level, you should understand the age, gender, and geographical location of your audience as well as the languages they speak...

Introducing our Persona’s in the market for sunglasses

A) Tony - A 23-year-old male from Florida

Tony has a limited budget and isn’t really looking for detailed reviews or information. He seems to be content with the lowest-priced pair of sunglasses for the sole purpose of protecting his eyes on the sunny beaches of Florida.


B) Guadalupe - a 21-year-old female from Argentina

Guadalupe’s an aspiring athlete who believes saving money isn’t necessarily the most important aspect in the quest to find the perfect pair of lentes del sol. She’s interested in trying out a variety of different brands for each leg of the triathlons she often competes in whether on land or water. Quality matters to her, as well as getting the best recommendations and reviews.


C) Joeren - a 33-year-old from South Africa.

Joeren seeks a formidable yet stylish pair of sunglasses for when he’s on the go with his young kids' ages 4 and 6. He’s interested in the various styles and features available for his fast-paced lifestyle and particularly sturdy ones for when he’s coaching at his son’s rugby practice.


Why are Tony, Guadalupe, and Joeren coming to your business, and what are they expecting to find as the best pair of sunglasses to fit their needs?

Customers are so accustomed to buying what they want when they want through so many methods of channels that if you’re not able to immediately accommodate their qualifications then they’ll look somewhere else. In addition, it’s imperative to understand your customers buying preferences taking into account if one prefers to go to the local mall kiosk, to shop online from their laptop, or to browse through their cell phone.

Using insights and detailed characteristics for each of your personas means you can successfully tailor your strategy and communicate to each potential customer in more relevant ways.

So whether you’re up for selling online pain relief pills from a bricks-and-mortar store or selling eyewear to a busy South African parent, selling your product in 2021 comes from knowing the personalized methods required to reach your particular persona.

To get a clearer understanding of which demographic you’re trying to reach take a brief look into audience theory, a study that focuses on what and how each person differs psychologically and how knowing makes you a savvier marketer.

Now you have an understanding of who your demographic is in the market, what's the best strategy on how to reach them?

Let us know in the comments below, and let us know if you’re a Tony, a Guadalupe, or a Joeren when you’re in the market for a pair of shades!

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