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Computer Stuff

  • Social Media Marketing - Developing strategies and content for social media platforms. 

  • WordPress and Content Marketing - Writing compelling copy for a target audience and creating content that attracts prospective customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. 

  • Email Marketing - Crafting open-worthy and compelling emails and promotional campaigns. 

  • SEM/SEO - Creating Google Ads and collecting data to measure, assess, and optimize campaign performance. 

  • Graphic Design - Photoshop, Illustrator. Mac and PC


  • Chicago Art Group Associations 9/2006 – 9/2008 Portals Gallery, Lake View District Art Programs, David Leonardis Gallery, Schneider Gallery, Windy City Art Auction, Ravenswood Art District, Around The Coyote Festival

  • World Traveler: 46 countries focusing on inspiration, fresh perspectives on design for my blog topics.

  • Lived in Asia for 11 years as an English teacher. See a teaching demo in action.

  • PADI Licensed Scuba Diver


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